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How Do You Attract the Nation's Most Innovative Thinkers?


Arizona knows that attracting great minds is easy when you give them the tools and support they need to go faster and further than ever before. 

Arizona is home to a surging ecosystem of global giants, early stage entrepreneurs and tech-savvy Millennial talent who are breaking new ground across a wide range of industry growth sectors. What's more, Arizona offers a robust portfolio of programs and resources supporting both large and emerging tech employers.

The state’s rich startup culture continues to thrive and is a preferred choice for technology companies seeking growth. Leading startups such as Infusionsoft, GoDaddy, ZocDoc, Weebly and Zenefits have collectively taken advantage of Arizona’s high-skills talent base. Feeding this worker pipeline is Arizona’s university system that produces in-demand graduates specializing in technology and innovation that can quickly make an impact on these growing businesses.

Arizona's solid reputation and assertive stance on innovation led Fast Company to rank Arizona No. 1 in the country for "entrepreneurial activity", attracting even more of the nation's — and world's — big thinkers.


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Pat Sullivan

"You have to create a culture where innovation can flourish, and that begins with a talented staff."

Pat Sullivan
Co-Founder and CEO

Arizona is ranked #2 in the country for workforce quality and availability

Alberto Osio

"Arizona is ideal for my business because of its strategic southwest location."

Alberto Osio
Yolia Health, CEO

Arizona is immediately accessible to three of the world's largest economies


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Garmin develops GPS technology for military and commercial safety purposes. While expanding its R&D department, Garmin took advantage of Arizona’s university-level education to find skilled and accessible talent.



Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses. After growing rapidly, the company needed to find a larger space for an expanding workforce. With help from the ACA, Infusionsoft secured a 90,000 square-foot workspace.