Arizona: Incentives


Arizona has lowered taxes, streamlined regulations, and established a suite of incentives to support corporate growth and expansion. The Arizona Competitiveness Package, groundbreaking legislation adopted in 2011, makes it easier for existing Arizona companies to prosper and establishes Arizona as one of the most desirable places for expanding companies to do business.  Give your company a competitive edge by utilizing Arizona’s incentives, programs and grants.

To apply electronically for programs and incentives the ACA offers, click here. View the PowerPoint slide show for details about the EASY application system.


Job Training

Job Training grants reimburse up to 75% of eligible training expenses for employers creating new jobs.

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Quality Jobs

The Quality Jobs tax credit offers up to $9,000 of Arizona income or premium tax credits spread over a three-year period for each net new quality job.

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Qualified Facility

The Qualified Facility program offers a refundable income tax credit equal eligible companies making a Capital Investment to establish or expand a Qualified Facilities.

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Computer Data Center

CDC provides Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax exemptions at the state, county and local levels, on qualifying purchases of CDC Equipment.

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Research & Development

The R&D tax credit provides an Arizona income tax credit for increased research and development activities conducted in this state.

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Foreign Trade Zone

Businesses, located in a zone or sub-zone are eligible for up to an 80 percent reduction in state real and personal property taxes.

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Military Reuse Zone

If a project is located in an MRZ, it may qualify for tax credits, a TPT exemption or property reclassification.

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Angel Investment

The Angel Investment tax credit provides credits to investors who make capital investments in small businesses certified by the ACA. 

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Renewable Energy tax credit

Renewable Energy tax credit provides tax credits to companies in renewable energy industries who are expanding or locating in Arizona. The program offers up to a 10% refundable income tax credit.

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Commercial/Industrial Solar

Commercial/Industrial Solar Energy tax credit provides an Arizona income tax credit for the installation of solar energy devices in Arizona business facilities.

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Additional Depreciation

Accelerates depreciation schedules for prospective acquisitions of commercial personal property.

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Healthy Forest

Healthy Forest provides incentives for certified businesses that are primarily engaged in harvesting, processing or transporting of qualifying forest products.

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Lease Excise

Lease Excise is a redevelopment tool to initiate development by reducing a project's operating costs by replacing the real property tax with an excise tax.

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Sales Tax Exemptions for Manufacturing

The Sales Tax Exemption for Machinery and Equipment is a sales tax exemption for various machinery or equipment.

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Work Opportunity

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit provided to private-sector businesses from groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. 

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Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECB) are qualified tax credit bonds that were originally authorized by the Tax Extenders and Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008.

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Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit

The Renewable Energy Production program provides an income tax incentive awarded to utility-scale generation systems based on the amount of electricity produced annually for a 10-year period using solar or wind energy.

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